FX-C.com 加密货币或数字资产评级




等级 一  POW区块链

  • Bitcoin – Store of Value, Digital ‘gold'.  Proof of Work through ASIC miners
  • Snowblossom – A backup plan for Bitcoin, prepared for quantum computers,  payment currency, Proof of Work through Large RAMs & SSDsSnowblossom Content Channels (In development), Bitcoin's economic model,
  • Amoveo – Financial DerivativesPrediction Markets, Futarchy Governance, Proof of work through ASIC miners
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等级 二 POW区块链

等级 三 其他POW区块链

  • Komodo – DPOW, Privacy Coin, Dapp platform, Zcash fork
  • Beam – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin
  • Grin – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin
  • Bismuth – POW. Dapp Platform built from scratch with python
  • Decred – POW+POS, Bitcoin Clone + On-chain Voting Governance
  • Pascalcoin – POW, Payment Currency with Safebox, ‘Deletable blockchain'
  • Mochimo – POW, payment currency, claimed to be quantum resistant ( ‘Patented', Closed source, big premine, thus currently it's very centralized)
  • Nimiq – proof of work payment currency written in Javascript

等级 四 非POW区块链

  • NYZO –  Medium of exchange Currency; Proof of Diversity
  • Avalanche – leaderless, metastable, and PoW-free BFT protocols
  • Algorand – Pure proof of stake blockchain platform
  • Byteball – Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), payment currency
  • Hashgraph – Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Smart Contract/Dapp platform
  • Radix – non-blockchain cryptocurrency
  • Nano – Block Lattice, payment currency, instant, zero-fee, scalable
  • DFINITY – Proof of stake, decentralized cloud platform
  • Cardano – Proof of stake, Smart Contract/Dapp platform
  • zilliqa – Dapp platform
  • Skycoin – non-PoW, permissioned dapp platform, utility coin for decentralized internet
  • Cosmos – Proof of stake, Blockchain for interoperability
  • BNB –  Utility:  Users are incentivized to hold BNB to get trading fee discounts, IEO privileges, referral bonus benefits from binance. BNB is probably one of the most widely used ‘utility coin'.
  • Stellar – FBA(Federated Byzantine Agreement), payment network, cross-border payments
  • BurstCoin – Proof of space of storage
  • Ardor – POS, Dapp platform
  • ARK – DPOS,
  • MaidSafe – autonomous and decentralised data network
  • NEM – Proof of Importance

等级 五 应用币

  • MaidSafe – autonomous and decentralised data network
  • Placeholders – Proof of work,  utility coin for decentralized VPS
  • Siacoin – Proof of work, decentralized cloud storage platform

等级 六 它们需要存在吗?

等级 七 无用的数字资产 

 7.1  技术或许有些亮点,但是真的需要代币吗?
7.2  不太明显的长期骗局:
  1. 大部分中心化的代币
  2. 某些所谓企业区块链或是银行区块链的币实际上也属不太明显的长期骗局
7.3  明显的或短期的骗局: